Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nissan throttle position sensor adjustment procedure

The procedures in this document written this following Nissan can be requested vehicle: 1995-1998 Maxima (A32), 1996-1998 Pathfinder (R50), 1995-1998 240SX (S14), 1995-1998 Sentra/200SX (B14) w/GA16 & SR20 engines, 1996-1997 truck (D21), 1998-border (D22), 1995-1997 Altima (U13), 1998 Altima (L30), 1996-1998 quest (V40). Service procedures: Fast idle cam (FIC) function check, if equipped (see appropriate service manual). Disconnect the throttle position sensor (TPS) wire harness (see Figure 1) from the position switch (CTPS) part closed throttle. Connect an ohmmeter to the terminals for the closed throttle position switch (CTPS). Reset the throttle body sensor in the idle position position memory. Failed to reset the TPS idle position, which remain higher than specification storage of the idle speed may result. Start the engine and warm it to operating temperature.

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